Stop paying for water and
start harvesting your own!

Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting, LLC can design and install a system tailored to your needs and your budget to help with your water supply.

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About Us

Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting founder, Zak Crosby, has been a flight attendant for a major airline since 1999. He started selling rainwater harvesting barrels as a side business when he made some for his own garden at their Spicewood, TX property and saw the demand for them grow as the drought conditions worsened. Read more



Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting specializes in the design and installation of rainwater collection systems for residential and commercial buildings in the central Texas area.  Read more


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Get the right system

Every Rainwater Harvesting system uses different variables for different structures and the land on which they occupy. For example, if there is a slope (or grade) in the property we will always attempt to use the force of gravity for water pressure before introducing pumps for pressure. Read More

Why harvest rainwater in Texas?

It’s your environmental responsibility
Until the heavy rains in Spring of 2015, central Texas was experiencing one of the worst drought periods in history. Most home owners were fighting a losing battle battle to keep their landscapes and gardens healthy, or alive, with strict city water restrictions and the threat of private wells going dry during these conditions. The wet Spring of 2015 provided desperately needed relief and filled our lakes to levels we hadn’t seen in years. Some people have already forgotten about the damage and disparity that the drought caused but it can, and will, happen again.

Rainwater is free for the taking
AND the cost for the equipment and service to have a system installed is 100% TAX FREE in the state of Texas…Also, enjoy many local rebate incentive programs to help with the initial cost of a catchment system.

It’s better for your plants and veggies
The added bonus to harvesting rainwater is that it is the best source of hydration you can give to your plants. You’ve probably noticed that your plants or grass get greener and grow much faster with one good rainfall as compared to weeks of the equal amount of water from a well or city supply. There is no better substitute. This also eliminates the need to fertilize and feed your plants as often as you would with city water. In fact, most people don’t realize that when a plant is watered with filtered water from a reverse osmosis system it is merely just getting that plant wet. There is no nutritional benefit to it.

Rainwater doesn’t require softeners or other expensive water treatment systems
Harvested rainwater intended for potable use requires a simple filtration and disinfecting process. This usually involves a sediment filter and a charcoal filter (for quality and taste) in combination with a UV light disinfection system (preventing the risk of harmful bacteria and protozoa). The water is already soft and almost never requires any additional treatment.