Rebates and exemptions

In the state of Texas, ALL services and materials used for the sole purpose of harvesting the rain are TAX EXEMPT! There are many other local incentive programs offered for installing rainwater harvesting systems as well. Check with your local municipality and utility provider to see what incentives or rebates are offered.

Rebates and exemptions

While we cannot directly apply for local rebates on behalf of our customers, we will provide the
necessary information the customer needs to be able to complete the application. This information usually includes..

  • Estimate
  • Materials list
  • Water storage size
  • Maintenance information


Let us help you decide which rebates are right for you.

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City of Austin water conservation

City of Austin Water has the most generous local program to date. If you want to install a rain harvesting system without the use of a pump (non-pressurized), you will be eligible to receive a rebate of up to .50¢ for every gallon of water stored with your collection system. Example: 1000 gallon storage capacity =$500 rebate from City of Austin Water. If you plan to have a system installed using a pump (pressurized) you will eligible to receive up to $1.00 for every gallon of water storage installed with your collection system. Example: 2500 gallon storage capacity =$2500 rebate from City of Austin Water (Note: applications for pressurized system rebates have an additional set of rules and requirements to qualify).

Hays County

Rainwater harvesting benefits and qualifications.

Office of the State Comptroller

Application for sales tax exemption (customers use page 2)