About us

Each home, building, and property is unique. Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting custom designs every system with the goal of keeping maintenance as low as possible. We feel it is important to use Mother Nature to do most of the work and use fewer "moving parts" to operate, maintain, and prolong the life of your rainwater harvesting system.

Zak Crosby

Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting founder, Zak Crosby, has been a flight attendant for a major airline since 1999. He started selling rainwater harvesting barrels in the Austin area as a side business when he made some for his own garden at his Spicewood, TX property and saw the demand for them grow as the drought conditions worsened.

Zak's wife gave birth to their son in 2012 and with the need and desire to be home more often for his family, along with the fast growing awareness of water conservation and restrictions in Central Texas, he decided to expand his passion into a business. Zak started Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting in the Spring of 2013 and the business has grown rapidly while staying local Austin and its surrounding areas. While Zak is always scouting for new talent to add to the team and grow the business, he is involved in every installation from design to clean-up.

Project Manager

All system designs and installations are a collaborative effort between Zak and his Project Manager, Brady Reed. Brady joined the team in Fall of 2015, and his hard work and ingenuitive skills have helped the company expand beyond small system designs and installations to large developments and commercial applications. While every company has its comfort zone, Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting has yet to find its limit.

A few more points about why being local matters

While rainwater harvesting has been used for thousands of years in all different parts the world, it is important to use the experts in your area to design and install the appropriate catchment system for the local climate. Central Texas has a much different climate than that of Houston or El Paso, for example, so there would be major differences in catchment system components for these different climate zones.

  • We purchase most of our equipment from local central Texas suppliers so we are very familiar with each product we use to build our systems.
  • If there is a problem or concern about a system we’ve installed, our response time for a resolution is quick… You have the peace of mind knowing that we are always close by.
  • Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting strives to keep no more than a two-week waiting period between the design/budget approval and the time that the installation is set to begin. This is made possible by installing our systems locally in the Austin area.
  • We experience the constantly changing weather patterns along with our customers and try to stay ahead of predicted rains so that a green-lit installation can be completed in time to harvest that water.